Permanent connection

Permanent and encrypted access to internet

Configure your device and access permanently to:

  • two Wi-Fi networks (“polimi-protected” and “eduroam“)
  • Advanced Wired connection.


Students and Polimi staff.

Configuration with certificate (TLS)

Through the permanent connection with certificate you will navigate without having to enter or update any password.

Follow these instructions both to set up a new device and to update a configuration with an expired certificate.

You have 5 certificates available and each certificate can be used on different devices (in this case remember to write down the password).

If you want to revoke a certificate or check the status of previously generated ones, connect to the application Polimi Personal Certificates

Access to internet

Once you have finished configuring the device you can start browsing.

  1. turn on Wi-Fi or connect your pc to an active socket
  2. connect to one of these networks:
    • Wi-Fi: “polimi-protected” or “eduroam”
    • advanced wired
  3. start browse