Internet site and web applications hosting

Info and requests

This service offers all facilities of the Politecnico di Milano infrastructure that are able to host websites and web applications.


Structures of the University.

How to request the service

Hosting services request

Website hosting service on platforms managed by ASICT, changes to already activated services, and support must be requested as indicated in the following document:  hosting_policy_specifiche_richieste.PDF ( IT only – up. 03/2023)

This document must be:

  1. duly completed in the relevant parts of the request and signed in full by the Head of the Facility, as identified in Art. 1
  2. sent to the ICT Services by the Head or the ICT Contact Person of the unit via the hosting services online form

Requests for support and changes to already active services not covered by Annex C of the document hosting_policy_specifiche_richieste.PDF ( IT only – up. 03/2023) must be requested by the Site Manager or by the Technical Contact hosting services online form.

Domain request

For the following requests:
  • requests for second-level domains (e.g., www.externaldomain.TLD);
  • requests for third-level polimi domains (* related to websites for which hosting services on platforms managed by ASICT are not provided.

Use the Modulo Richiesta Domini (rev 05/24 – IT only)

This form must be:

  1. duly completed and signed by the Head of the Unit
  2. sent to the ICT Services by the Head of the Unit or the unit’s ICT Contact Person through:

It may be useful to ask for support from the unit’s ICT Contact Person to fill out the document.

To sign documents digitally (in pdf format), you can use the “Digital document signing” service available under the OnlineServices.