Website security and CMS platform updating

The hosting service has set up an automatic mechanism to survey and update the components of the websites hosted on some platforms (WordPress, Joomla, Typo3, Mediawiky, Drupal), in order to guarantee suitable levels of security of the sites themselves and the University infrastructure hosting them.

The site manager will regularly receive notification emails regarding any activities scheduled or undertaken.


Updating methods

Updates will be applied in accordance with the following methods:

  • during the test phase all available updates are applied as soon as they become available on the repositories (minor updates and major updates);
  • during the production phase:
    • updates of less impact (minor updates) are undertaken immediately;
    • updates of higher impact (major updates) are undertaken following prior notification of a few days. If necessary, those receiving the notification (Technical Coordinator and Web Site Manager) may ask to postpone said updates, which otherwise will be undertaken without further notification

Other monitored platforms

Updating methods

The system detects the presence of new versions of the platform installed in the repositories and informs the website managers of the need to undertake the updates.

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