Requests management: support services management platform (OTRS)

OTRS, Open-source Ticket Request System is an open source system for the management of requests for support that organises the service in a structured way. It has been available by the University for a number of years, in order to manage various types of requests for support.

Main characteristics

Operator side: OTRS allows for the creation of help codes and to structure them, if necessary, depending on the flow that the requests must follow within an organisation; furthermore it allows for shared management of the requests, favouring cooperation between operators.
It also means that the history of the request can be traced within the ticket which is in fact a container, in which we can find all types of event undertaken from the request itself to management thereof.

User side: : the user is informed of the progress of the ticket. All requests can also be monitored or integrated within the My requests application available via Online Services in the Requests and Help section.


Structure of the University.


The Head of structure[?] [?] can request activation of a support service based on the use of OTRS using the online form OTRS: anomalies and configurations

Requests management

The Requests management application, which manages all incoming tickets, is available via Online Services in the Requests and assistance section.

Access it directly at Requests management