University Address book: overview

This directory supplies the following information to all University staff members:

  • telephone numbers and email addresses
  • office location with map links
  • career and any roles

Access profiles

This directory shows more or less detailed information depending on the type of access.
Public access: allows anyone logged in to consult the directory; all main contact information and information on the faculty staff (contact information and file) is shown.
Authenticated access: available to all registered users. Unlike public access, here you can view any service mobile phones, photos of the technical/administrative staff (unless otherwise prohibited) and details on the floor of the location are shown.
Advanced access: available only to official staff. Unlike authenticated, here you can also view the room assigned to the staff member.

Origin of the data

All data shown in the directory comes from various contexts therefore any updating thereof depends on the local information management office. For example, any error in location should be corrected by the area assignment office while roles should be updated by Human Resources.

Regarding the publication of photos of the technical/administrative staff the interested parties can revoke all consent to the publication thereof or, on the contrary, extend it to public access using the Update your personal data function found in the My data widget in the University Online Services.


The University directory is available via the Online Services portal and the home page of the University website.

Access directly the University address book