In order to facilitate the access to services through mobile devices, the Politecnico di Milano has developed the following native apps.


Students, teaching and technical/administrative staff.


Con Polimi App puoi:

  • check your Study Plan, which includes teachings details and the scores of the exams passed;
  • consult the exam sessions;
  • register for exams;
  • see your weekly lecture timetable based on your Study Plan;
  • use the classroom search function, linked to the maps;
  • search for a free classroom;
  • access your University email;
  • access WeBeep;
  • access Beep;
  • receive personalized notifications;
  • search for email and telephone contacts through the University address book;
  • book an appointment at the Registrar’s Office in Milan (Golgi and Lambruschini);
  • book an appointment at Financial Aid Desk in Piazza Leonardo da Vinci, 32 – Building 3 – Milan
  • see the number of the last ticket served and the average waiting period in the Registrar’s Office queues in Milan (Golgi and Lambruschini);
  • report a failure, malfunction or situation requiring an intervention within the Campus (the reports will be analyzed and sorted for their resolution).

The application will be progressively enriched.