Centralized workstations

Activation and removal

The service concerns the centralised hardware and software management of workstations.

It in particular:

  • Ensures the updating of the operating system and the software packages through centralised distribution
  • Maintains adequate safety standards through the centralised distribution of safety patches
  • Configures on request printers, multi-function printers and scanners
  • Provides remote control assistance by the HelpDesk service
  • Manages the Microsoft Software centre: platform for the self-service installation and management of free-of-charge software or software licensed to the University, suitably tested for configuring the customer hardware.

To access the pc, use the University login details (Personal code and password).

Folder Redirection: on each managed machine, the user will have at his automatic disposal the personal documents found in the Remote Desktop environment.


The service will take care of the necessary procedures to transfer workstations managed by ASICT.

  • Verification of forms sent by the user to the Help Desk
  • Verification of network sockets via Archibus
  • Forwarding of requests to Telephony, Cabling and Logistics services
  • Evaluation of any hardware renewal
  • Optimisation of ASICT materials in the new areas
  • Notification to users concerning removal timing and procedures
  • Asset update
  • Forwarding to technicians for printer installation/reconfiguration

To move up to five people

The Head of structure [?]must

1- Fill out a form for each person to move: Richiesta trasloco postazione
2- Attach the forms to the online form request and send it at least 48 hours before the date
3- Wait for the confirmation of the availability of Help Desk about the date indicated for the move

To move more than five people

TheHead of structure [?] must contact the help desk to check the timing and procedures.

Conversion of one’s structure

Once centralised management of the structure has been agreed, the client Help Desk service will take care of everything.

In particular, it will:

  • evaluate the existing situation
  • replace machines not compliant with ASICT standards (only certain models are supported). Non-compliant machines will remain at the disposal of the structure but will be neither supported nor managed.
    possible supply of new workstations