Software for workstations

The University offers a selection of software helping the work activities. The method of requesting and installing the software varies depending on the workstation used, whether managed centrally by Asict or of which one is an administrator.


Teaching and technical/administrative staff.

Software for workstations centrally managed by Asict

It is possible to manage (install and / or uninstall) the software for centrally managed workstations by accessing the Microsoft Software Center
(from the Start menu> Microsoft Endpoint Manager> Microsoft Software Center)

Through the platform you can:

  • view the entire software offer
  • autonomously install the software that require no authorization
  • request authorisation for the software not directly available . At the same time your manager will have to grant authorisation in turn using the Centralised client assistance form request.
  • uninstall software already installed on the pc

Help and setup: Microsoft software center handbook

Software per personal computers and/or computers not managed centrally

The University offers a selection of software assisting work and teaching. Software access and download takes place in the specific manner described in the pages spreading out the details.

Go to the software portal

The licenses are of an “Educational” type; this entails that use of the applications is strictly limited to institutional activities, excluding any use for personal, private professional and profitable purposes.