Centralized workstations

Info and access

The service concerns the centralised hardware and software management of workstations.

It in particular:

  • Ensures the updating of the operating system and the software packages through centralised distribution
  • Maintains adequate safety standards through the centralised distribution of safety patches
  • Configures on request printers, multi-function printers and scanners
  • Provides remote control assistance by the HelpDesk service
  • Manages the Microsoft Software centre: platform for the self-service installation and management of free-of-charge software or software licensed to the University, suitably tested for configuring the customer hardware.


Teaching and technical/administrative staff.

Basic information on the workstation

To access the machine, use the University login details (Personal code and password).

Folder Redirection: on each managed machine, the user will have at his automatic disposal the personal documents found in the Remote Desktop environment.

Software for workstations centrally managed by Asict

To manage the software found on centrally managed workstations (install and/or uninstall), you must access the Microsoft Software Centre. Through the platform you can:

  • view the entire software offer
  • autonomously install the software that envisage no authorisation
  • request authorisation for the software not directly available. At the same time your manager will have to grant authorisation in turn using the Centralised client assistance form request
  • uninstall software already installed on the pc

Help and setup: User manual on Microsoft software centre

Peripheral installations

To install a pre-existing peripheral device, contact customer assistance.

The request for the supply of printers, multi-function printers and scanners must be sent by the Head of structure [?] via form online.