Proxy and federated access

Access to electronic bibliographic resources

Access all the electronic bibliographic subscription resources (e-books, electronic journals and databases) “automatically” from outside the University network, as if you were within the university network.

There are two options for accessing resources:


Students, professors and technical/administrative staff.

Proxy: configuration and credentials

To use the service, you must configure the device and have a valid proxy credential pair.

The Proxy credentials must be specially generated and do not coincide with the Polimi credentials.

Help and setup:

Login with Shibboleth federated/institutional authentication

A consistent subset of the resources (eg. elsevier, proquest..) is accessible from outside the Politecnico via university authentication without proxy configuration.

More info:

  • This option is particularly useful if you are unable to configure the proxy
  • Various editorial platforms allow the customization of the resource consultation space following access through authentication.
  • You must verify the possibility of access through university authentication on each resource. Each resource has its own path and vocabulary: you may find denominations like: institutional / federated / federated shibbolet access / via your library …
    Once access is found, you will be redirected to the university authentication mask
  • In some cases, it may be necessary to select the institution of belonging / origin, in this case select Politecnico di Milano and then access the university authentication mask
  • The authentication must be repeated for each resource
  • No configuration is needed
  • Access to resources is disconnected from the device in use
  • Some resources after authentication offer the ability to customize your consultation space with, for example, notifications, rss, lists …