Alternative to proxy

  • Do you need to access a limited number of editorial platforms to consult resources (eg elsevier, proquest ..)?
  • Can’t configure the proxy?
  • Are you interested in the ability to customize the resource consultation space?

… Evaluate access through university authentication


Access to electronic bibliographic resources

The service allows you to “automatically” access all bibliographic electronic resources (e-books, electronic journals and databases) outside the university network, as if you were within the university network.


Students, professors and technical/administrative staff.


The service is available immediately to all users on configuration and creation of their credentials.

Configuration and credentials

To use the service, you must configure the device and have a valid proxy credential pair.

The Proxy credentials must be specially generated and do not coincide with the Polimi credentials.

Help and setup:

Login with Shibboleth federated/institutional authentication

Alternative to proxy

A consistent subset of the resources is accessible from outside the Politecnico via university authentication without proxy configuration.

  • You must verify the possibility of access through university authentication on each resource. Each resource has its own path and vocabulary: you may find denominations like: institutional / federated / federated shibbolet access / via your library …
  • Once you have found access, you will be redirected to the university authentication mask
    In some cases it may be required to select the institution of belonging / origin, in this case select Politecnico di Milano and then access the university authentication mask
  • Authentication must be repeated for each resource
  • No configuration is needed
  • Access to resources is disconnected from the device in use
    Some resources after authentication offer the possibility to customize their consultation space with, for example, notifications, rss, lists …