Cabling service

Works on the physical data communications network infrastructure.


Network referent

Activation network sockets

For reasons of security and optimisation, network sockets are to be considered inactive until a formal request has been submitted. The activation:

  • involves the provision of the necessary cables to connect the “client” to the network socket with standard lengths ranging from 3 to 10 metres
  • not includes ancillary works such as special infrastructure preparation (changes to walls, ducting)
  • does not imply automatic assignment of a new IP address and/or mail box.

For activation requests please use this online form request

Deactivation of network sockets

In case the activation is no longer needed, for removals, moves or lack of use, please request deactivation in order to release and make available ports of active equipment.

For deactivation requests please use this online form request, available for Network referent of structure.

Changes and Moves

The structure referent must notify changes and moves of network sockets and/or system parts and send the test documentation via online form request.
If these involve construction or electrical interventions, these must be simultaneously submitted also to AGIS (Logistics Area) via the University Call Centre (9300). We will agree the details of our joint activity.

Reporting failures and assistance

The structure referent can reporting failures specifying the four-character code of network socket indicated on its label.
The request assumes that other causes of failure of a software nature or nevertheless attributable to network equipment or clients have already been investigated and ruled out.

For reporting failures and assistance please use this online form request, available for Network referent of structure.