SharePoint Online

Shared space of storage and collaboration in cloud

The service allows user groups to store, share and manage work folders in cloud.

  • each shared space is only accessible to the group of enabled users
  • access to documents stored online through web browsers
  • creation and editing directly from your browser of Office files such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • sharing, co-authoting, versioning and research documents
  • notifications about editing documents.


Teaching staff, researchers and technical/administrative staff.

Activation and deactivation

The Head of structure[?] or his representative may request the activation or deactivation using the form online.

Sharing group

Management of the storage space sharing groups may be delegated to one or more persons named by the structure. The sharing group is managed through the Manage authorization groups application available on the Online University Services.

Web access

To access your SharePoint Online space, use the link available in the Online Services, E-mail and other cloud services section.

Access through sync client

It is also possible to access the SharePoint Online space by configuring a sync client on Windows and Mac computers and mobile devices.

Help and setup: Client configuration


Check the manual on using the SharePoint space online.

Help and setup: Handbook