Terms and conditions

Email, cloud services and network

The e-mail and cloud storage services made available by the University must be used by users in compliance with the following conditions:

  • in full compliance with current legislation concerning privacy, copyright protection and the use of information technology and communication systems
  • adhering to the current policies defined by the GARR and by the University listed below
  • avoiding to interfere with use of the services by other users
  • avoiding activities aimed at fraudulently accessing the accounts of other users or services without the necessary authorisation
  • exclusively for activities consistent with the institutional aims of the University as defined by the current Statute of the Politecnico di Milano


  • accept full liability for the content sent by e-mail or uploaded to allocated storage and possibly shared with others (whether users of the University information system or external recipients)
  • undertake, in particular, not to upload or disseminate, in any format:
    • defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, reserved or otherwise illegal content
    • malware, i.e. software that can damage computers, programs, files or data
  • accept full criminal and civil liability and any costs arising from the improper use of the abovementioned services
  • at the same time exempt the University from any claim or action that might be taken against the University itself by any person as a result of such improper use.

The Politecnico di Milano Internet network services are provided through the network managed by the Consortium GARR.

The use of the GARR network by participating institutions’ users is subject to certain rules. In particular, users of the service should adhere strictly to these General Rules and the Code of Conduct outlined in the Acceptable Use Policy, which we invite you to read.

The use of the Internet resources of the Politecnico di Milano requires that the user has fully understood and accepted this regulation.

Infringement of the rules will invoke immediate steps that will be evaluated according to the severity of the action taken and its repetition. Without prejudice to eventual legal sanctions that the Polytechnic Institution of Milan may initiate through its institutional channels, the action for failure to comply with this regulation may also consist in the permanent disabling of accessing rights to the service.