Teaching: request for software, classrooms and configurations

The application Teaching: request for software, classrooms and configurations allows to:

  • Request the supply of software packages necessary for the teaching activity. The request must be sent during the opening period of the requests, communicated punctually every year by e-mail. The software, once evaluated by ASICT and the Schools, will be made available to students via Virtual desktop or other installation. If the desired software is not listed, you can request it using the function available in the application.
  • Request variations for lecture time (change of classroom, extra days, different days)
  • Add/change a network configuration for a computerised classroom (for lectures and/or exams, only for the Milano Leonardo and Bovisa campuses)
  • Check requests


Teaching staff in charge of the course

Software requirements

When requesting the installation of additional educational software these requirements must be borne in mind:

  • be compatible with Windows 10 64bit or Windows Server 2019 r2 and MS office 2019 Pro 64bit operating system
  • do not require administrator privileges to run
    have no trial or demo licenses
  • do not provide for online activation or single activation machine by machine (activation code not linked to the PC hardware)
  • do not use licenses on a USB key to be connected to a single PC
  • do not require connection to license servers with non-secure protocols (eg tcp 135), network shares (smb), or with particular non-modifiable ports (to be evaluated with the support of the networking group). The standard license server used by the service is FlexLM
  • the software package must be installed automatically, without manual intervention by the operator (“silent install”)
  • it is not allowed to connect peripherals in computer rooms that require the installation of additional drivers (programmers, development boards, measurement tools)
  • before making any purchase contract it is necessary to discuss with the classroom systems engineering group and carry out a test of correct functioning

For Virtual Desktop only

  • The required software must not include the use of databases:
  • with local installation on the pc
    that do not support multi-connection or multi-user (example db access)