SPID (Sistema Pubblico di Identità Digitale) at the Politecnico di Milano

SPID stands for Public System for Digital Identity. This system will allow access to all Public Administration sites with a single digital identity.

More info: www.spid.gov.it

How to obtain SPID credentials

A SPID digital identity can be obtained from one of the identity providers accredited by the Agenzia per l’Italia Digitale (AgID).

More info: www.spid.gov.it/richiedi-spid

Please note: between the SPID identity provider there is InfoCert, which also supplies the digital signature services used by the Politecnico di Milano. However, there is no relationship between the SPID identity and the digital signature. The SPID identity can be requested to any of identity provider certified.

Accessing the University Online Services with SPID

Starting From September 12, 2016 Politecnico di Milano will support access to its online services through SPID; University credentials (person code and password) will remain valid and usefull to access some services (see list below).

To ensure a greater level of security are accepted only digital SPID identities of Level 2, which involves the insertion of a temporary code sent to the user at the moment of the authentication.

First access

When you first log in with SPID, you will be asked to follow an activation procedure which will allow the system to link your SPID identity to a University account, if you already have one.

If you have no University account, the SPID credential activation procedure will require some additional information to complete the registration in the University database.

Services available only through Polimi credentials

Some services will still be available only through the use of the Personal Code and Password credentials.
These services are:

  • configuration of the permanent wi-fi/wired connection through credentials (TTLS)
  • download from the software portal
  • access to the centrally managed workstation
  • access to Remote desktop
  • access to legacy VB applications (client server applications), use of VPN via OpenVPN

Frequent questions

Yes, it is possible to associate different SPID identities to your Polimi identity. Select the operator from those available and access the services.

Of course, there are no limitations. You can use both SPID and CIE and you can associate, at the same time, different SPID identities activated with different managers.

At the moment it is not possible to independently delete an association previously made between a SPID identity and the Polimi one. Even if that identity has been disabled.

The legislation provides that Italian citizens must use SPID or CIE to access the online services of the public administration. This means that students with Italian citizenship, or other Italian users without an employment relationship with the Politecnico, must use this authentication method. A transition phase towards mandatory is currently underway. Italian citizens with an employment relationship with the university are currently excluded from the obligation.