Manage authorization groups

This application allows the administration of authorisation groups by delegated coordinators or certificate holders.
These groups authorise groups of people to access and use services.
There are two types of groups:
– calculated: these are obtained automatically through an interrogation based on data from the University’s computer system. For example a group in which all students participate.
– explicit: these are populated manually by coordinators, delegates or certificate holders. For example a group containing a list of the people accessing a service.
In University, these groups are used in different contexts, for example to define access permits for all people sharing a storage space or to specify those people who can use a shared printer.


Qualified faculty staff and administrative/technical staff.


Management of the group is assigned following the activation of a group-run service.

Access the application

The application Manage authorization groups is available via Online Services in the Administration section.

Access it directly at Manage authorization groups

User manual

A user manual for the service is available in the application; click on Manuals to the top right to download a .pdf version.