CIE (Carta di Identità Elettronica) at the Politecnico di Milano

The CIE [electronic identity card] allows citizens to authenticate with the highest levels of security in the online services of the Public Administration.

More information:

Accessing the University Online Services with CIE

The Politecnico di Milano will support access to its online services through CIE; University credentials (person code and password) will remain valid and usefull to access some services (see list below).

First access

When you first log in with CIE, you will be asked to follow an activation procedure which will allow the system to link your CIE identity to a University account, if you already have one.

If you have no University account, the CIE credential activation procedure will require some additional information to complete the registration in the University database.

Services available only through Polimi credentials

Some services will still be available only through the use of the Personal Code and Password credentials.
These services are:

  • configuration of the permanent wi-fi/wired connection through credentials (TTLS)
  • download from the software portal
  • access to the centrally managed workstation
  • access to Remote desktop
  • access to legacy VB applications (client server applications), use of VPN via OpenVPN