Terms and Conditions of Use

Email, Cloud Storage, and Network Services

Email and cloud storage services must be used by users under the following conditions:

  • Under national privacy, copyright protection and the use of computer and electronic systems laws
  • following the policies, defined by GARR and the University, reported below
  • avoiding interfering with the use of services by other users
  • avoiding activities aimed at fraudulent access to the accounts of other users or services for which one does not have authorisation
  • exclusively for activities consistent with the University institutional purposes as defined by the current Politecnico di Milano Statute


  • assume full responsibility for the contents sent by email or uploaded to the assigned storage and possibly shared with others (whether users of the University information system or external recipients)
  • agree not to upload or disseminate, in any format:
    • defamatory, obscene, discriminating, confidential or otherwise illegal content
    • malware or software that may damage computers, programs, files or data
  • assume full criminal and civil liability and any burden arising from the improper use of these services
  • exempt the University from any claim or action that may be brought against the University, by anyone, as a consequence of such improper use.

The Politecnico di Milano Internet network services are supplied to the users through the network managed by the Consortium GARR.

The use of the GARR network by the users of member institutions is subject to some rules. Service users must strictly follow the General Rules and the Code of Conduct shown in the Acceptable Use Policy, reported below, which we invite you to read.

The use of Politecnico di Milano Internet resources requires that the user has fully understood and accepted these rules.

Failure to comply with the rules of use will result in immediate measures that will be assessed depending on the action’s seriousness and recidivism. Without prejudice to illegal activities, Politecnico di Milano will proceed using institutional channels. Non-compliance with the above regulations consists of permanently disabling service access rights.

GARR, Rules of Network Use – AUP: Acceptable Use Policy