Design entrance test

If you need to participate in the TOLD, take note of your Polimi Credentials (person code and relative password) as they will be required to access the test.

Check the Polimi credentials

Check that your credentials are correct before arriving at the TOLD room.

  1. Open the login page
  2. in the Polimi Credentials field enter the person code and password
  3. click Sign in

The credentials are wrong if you will get an “Authentication failed” message.

To recover the credentials you can use one of these methods:
In this case:

  1. use one of these methods to recover the credentials:
    • recovery by personal email
    • Log in with SPID, CIE or eIDAS, go to the Authentication widget available in the Online Services then reset the password
  2. log out of the Online Services and repeat this verification procedure

If the credentials are correct, a different action or error/warning message will follow depending on your profile.
The credentials are correct in all these cases: