Wi-fi and wired: how to connect to the network

The University offers two options for connecting to the network:

  • permanent connection: for all Polimi users for frequent use and teaching. Polimi users who have activated the permanent connection will also be able to access the network from Eduroam federated institutions.
  • temporary connection: for initial use and for visitors to the university.


Polimi users are authorised to use the service from the beginning of their career. For guests and federated users, see the information on the types of access.

Permanent connection (recommended)

Through a one-time configuration (optionally with or without certificate), this service enables you to access in a permanent and encrypted way two Wi-Fi networks (“polimi-protected” and “eduroam”) and to use the advanced wired connection.

This type of connection allows the use of the Virtual desktop service (available ONLY via wired network) without bandwidth limitations.


  • Polimi users
  • Eduroam federation users (Wi-Fi only)

More information on permanent connection

Temporary connection

Entering for each session your credentials (Person Code and password), this service allows access to “polimi” Wi-Fi network and to use the wired base connection.
This type of connection, suitable for an occasional use of the network, allows the use of the Virtual Desktop service, but with the bandwidth limitations imposed by the wired base connection.


  • Polimi users
  • IDEM federation users
  • recognised guests and/or conference participants with temporary credentials or an event code

More information on temporary connection

Guests access

Guests visiting the university for conferences or events can access the network via temporary connection, using the event code or temporary credentials.

Information on guest access

Federated users access

Eduroam federation users can access the network via a permanent connection (“eduroam” Wi-Fi network); the IDEM federates, on the other hand, through a temporary connection.

Information on federated user access


The Politecnico is a member of the Idem and Eduroam federations.
For more information on accessing the network in the federations, see the relevant page on the theme-based website.