Technical administrative staff welcome kit

Welcome. Below is a list of things that will help you out when starting university life.

  • Register

    Polimi Credentials

    After registering at the university, you will be given your service access credentials: Personal Code and Password. Keep them safe and change the password regularly.

    For more information:
    Digital identities and authentication

  • Access the services

    Online Services portal

    You can use your credentials to access the university’s Online Services portal, your personal page where you will find a list of all the services available to you based on your career profile.

    For more information:

    Online Services: overview

  • Institutional e-mail address

    E-mail services

    With the activation of the career you will be assigned an e-mail address. Find out how to access the box and configure a mail program.

    For more information:
    Polimi e-mail addresses

  • Workstation

    Centralized management

    If your workstation is centrally managed by the ICT Services Area, it means that you will not be the one to administer the machine and that the installations and updates will be carried out, or evaluated, by the management service.

    For more information: Workstations centrally managed by Asict

  • See the software offer

    Software per personal computers and/or computers not managed centrally

    The service provides software packages for PCs purchased through Politecnico funds (not centralised workstations) and Personal PCs (depending on contract).

    For more information:

    Software portal: resources for study, teaching and work

  • Configure your personal cloud storage space

  • Access the internet

    Connect to the network

    You will have immediate temporary access to the network without any need for configuration. You can use both the “polimi” wi-fi.
    To connect, simply authenticate yourself by inputting your university credentials.
    At a later stage you can configure your permanent and encrypted access.

    For more information:

    Wi-fi and wired section