File share

Shared storage space online

The service allows a group of users to share a storage space accessible by any workstation connected to Internet.

The shared disk is accessible only to the group of authorised users and it’s displayed by the file system as a network disk.


Polimi staff.


The ICT representative [?] of the structure must:

  1. fill in the form request: RichiestaFileShare.doc
  2. send it as attachment by Online form request.

Sharing group

The request form asks to name a representative who will autonomously manage the sharing group of the file-share space through the Manage authorization groups application. To change representative, contact the assistance service.

Type of workstation

File Share may be used by any computer connected to the network and by workstations centrally managed by ASICT.

Web access

Web access allows read only for archived files. To log in: 1. Connect a

2. Log in using the Person Code preceded by polimi (e.g: polimi345678) and relevant password.