Remote Desktop (Identificazione utente remota)

Client/server application access.

The service enables access to the University’s client/server applications (non-web technologies based applications ) from any workstation connected to Internet.

For security reasons, the service is currently accessible only from IPs identified as coming from Italy.


Teaching and technical/administrative staff.


Head of structure[?], or the Ict referent [?], must request the service via Online request form.

The request must indicate:

  • request for authorisation to access Remote Desktop
  • the name and Personal Code of the interested party
  • the expiry date of the authorisation.

Type of workstation

Remote desktop may be used by any computer connected to the network (Mac OSX or Windows) and by workstations centrally managed by ASICT.

  • Support

    Ph. 022399 2500 (mon-fry: 8.30-12.45 / 13.45-17.00)

    Form: Remote desktop