Telephony – Call traffic and management

The Telephone Service– Perusal of traffic and management data application allows you to manage the personal details of the extensions of the structures, check the telephone traffic and, through the user page features , set some telephone services, such as:

  • forwarding the extension in permanent mode to a new number, for engaged or no reply, through the “Telephones and lines” section
  • forwarding the extension onto your Skype contact or your voicemail for the aforementioned modes
  • entering lock and/or unlock the telephone extension
  • the change, through the “Change PIN” section, of the pin necessary to access directly from a phone the lock and/or unlock telephone extension feature or the answering service
  • entry, through the “Quick calls” section, of maximum 99 telephone contacts, both internal and external, which can be called by typing the corresponding number in the Index column and pressing the Chabbr button from IP phone.

Recipients and enabled functions

Depending on the access profile, different functions will be available.

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