Mail and cloud services

Terms and conditions of use of the services

The e-mail and cloud storage services made available by the University must be used by users in compliance with the following conditions:

  • in full compliance with current legislation concerning privacy, copyright protection and the use of information technology and communication systems
  • adhering to the current policies defined by the GARR and by the University listed below
  • avoiding to interfere with use of the services by other users
  • avoiding activities aimed at fraudulently accessing the accounts of other users or services without the necessary authorisation
  • exclusively for activities consistent with the institutional aims of the University as defined by the current Statute of the Politecnico di Milano


  • accept full liability for the content sent by e-mail or uploaded to allocated storage and possibly shared with others (whether users of the University information system or external recipients)
  • undertake, in particular, not to upload or disseminate, in any format:
    • defamatory, obscene, discriminatory, reserved or otherwise illegal content
    • malware, i.e. software that can damage computers, programs, files or data
  • accept full criminal and civil liability and any costs arising from the improper use of the abovementioned services
  • at the same time exempt the University from any claim or action that might be taken against the University itself by any person as a result of such improper use.

GARR policy

  1. The Italian Network of University and Scientific Research, commonly called the “GARR Network”, is based on scientific and academic cooperation projects between universities, schools and Italian public research institutions. Consequently, the GARR Network service is intended primarily for the community which is related to the Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR). However, there is the possibility of extending the service to other realities, such as those pertaining to other ministries that have a specific agreement with the Consortium GARR or others that are engaged in research in Italy, especially but not exclusively, in the case of non-profit organisations engaged in partnerships with the community relating to the MIUR. The use of the Net is however subject to compliance with this Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) by all GARR users.
  2. The “GARR Network Service”, afterwards referred to as “GARR Network”, is made up of telematic connection services, network management services, application services and all those tools interoperability (made directly or on behalf of the Consortium GARR) that allow authorized parties to access the network to communicate with each other (national GARR Network). The links and e- services that enable the interconnection between the national GARR Network and other networks form an integral part of the GARR network.
  3. The following activities are not allowed on the GARR Network:
    • Permit unauthorized individuals to access the GARR Network connectivity service network or other services which may include such permission , for example the provision of housing, hosting and the like, or to allow data and / or information on the GARR Network to be passed between two parties via unauthorized access GARR network (third party routing)
    • To use services or network resources, connect equipment or services or software to the network, spread viruses, hoaxes or other programs in a way that can damage or disturb other people, users or services available on the GARR Network and those to which it may be connected;
    • Create or transmit (other than for purposes of research or in a controlled and legal manner) any image, data or other material which is offensive, defamatory, obscene, indecent, or that may offend human dignity, especially regarding sex, race or belief;
    • transmit any commercial and / or unsolicited advertising (“spam”), or allowing third parties to use it or its resources for this activity;
    • damage, destroy, attempt to gain unauthorized access to data or violate the privacy of other users, including the interception or disclosure of passwords, encryption keys and other sensitive “personal data” as defined by the laws on the protection of privacy;
    • Carry out on the GARR network any other activity prohibited by Italian Law, by the International rules, regulations and practices (“Netiquette”) of use of other networks and of network services that may be accessed.
  4. The responsibility for the content of materials produced and disseminated through the Internet is of the people who produce and circulate it… In the case of persons who have not attained the age of maturity, their lawful guardians may be held responsible.
  5. The parties (SA) authorized to access the GARR Network, as defined in the document “Rules of access to GARR Network”, can use the Internet for all institutional activities
    Institutional activities are defined as any activity related to the performance of duties prescribed by the statutes of an authorized person, including activities within the conventions or agreements approved by the competent bodies, provided the use is for institutional purposes. These include, research, teaching and administrative functions of the subjects and between authorized subjects and research activities for third parties, with the exclusion of all cases not explicitly allowed in this document. Other subjects who are entitled to temporary access to the Internet (TA) can only perform the activities specified in their authorization. The final decision on the eligibility of a given activity on the GARR network remains the prerogative of the Consortium GARR Management Bodies.
  6. All users who are given access to the GARR network must be known and identified. Therefore all measures that prevent access to non identified users must be implemented. Normally, the users must be employees of the authorized body, even for only temporary access to the GARR Network. With regard to the parties authorized to access the GARR Network (SA), users can also be temporarily authorized by these bodies on the basis of an employment relationship for institutional purposes. Students enrolled in a course run by an authorized body are allowed access to the GARR Network.
  7. It is the responsibility of authorized bodies, even if temporarily, to the GARR Network to take all reasonable actions to ensure compliance that their roles comply with those set forth herein and to ensure that non permitted actions do not happen on the GARR Network. Every body with access to the GARR Network must also bring the rules contained in this document to the attention of its users (by whatever means it considers appropriate).
  8. Organisations that are authorized to access the GARR Network, even if on a temporary basis, explicitly accept that their names (name of the body, corporate name or equivalent) are registered in an electronic database maintained by Consortium GARR Management Bodies.
  9. In the event of proven breach of these rules for the use of the Network, the Consortium GARR Management Bodies will take all appropriate measures necessary to restore the proper functioning of the Network, including the temporary or permanent suspension of access to the GARR network itself.
  10. Access to the GARR Network is conditional on the full acceptance of the rules contained in this document.